Global Live Viewing Parties

TEDxAruba will be Live-Streamed over the Internet on September 23rd, betwoon 9am and 3pm – Atlantic Time Zone UTC-04:00, on our YouTube Channel TEDxAruba. Embassies from around the World will be hosting Live Viewing parties for their local communities and partners. Don’t miss it.

Embassies & Groups Hosting Live-viewing Events

  • Impact Hub Caracas
  • OCTA Innovation, Brussels
  • Arubahuis, The Netherlands
  • Chamber of Commerce Haiti/Luxemburg
  • Dutch Embassy Bogota
  • Dutch Embassy Paramaribo
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • St. Helena
  • KVK Bonaire
  • New York

Some quotes from our would-be viewers

“St Helena is much smaller than Aruba but there are many shared issues, particularly about building a society that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable; a society that thrives and enriches the lives of residents and visitors without damaging the environment” – Ryan Belgrove, St. Helena Economic Development Group.

“We are offering the TEDxAruba viewing event in Haiti, ,because we see Aruba as an example for the Caribbean, and by hosting this event we believe we can bring new knowledge to the participants, inspire, stimulate and empower them, create discussions and work on ideas to develop Haiti” – Sergio Valkenburg, President CCI Haiti-Benelux

Some of the Embassies Tuning for the Livestream


Download Factsheets on Aruba (.PDF)

Factsheet – Downtown Oranjestad

Factsheet –
Nature & Environment

Factsheet –
Renewable Energy

Download Green Deck – Government of Aruba’s Vision for 2020


Download the Green Deck in PDF.

The journey to a sustainable society is very inspiring and already has shown impressive results. With this momentum, Aruba creates the perfect place for existing- and start-up companies to research and showcase their great ideas, find solutions for global challenges and share their expertise. The goal is to find creative ways to contribute to a sustainable society and eventually to the rest of the world. Together with a network of fellow thinkers and do-ers and long time collaborators, Aruba has put together – through TEDxAruba – a platform and pipeline for the spreading of (Aruban) sustainable ideas, solutions, creativity, innovation and culture to the rest of the world.

The TEDxAruba mission is to propagate Ideas worth Spreading and actions worth doing; to inform and inspire. Our specific goal is to turn TEDxAruba into the Caribbean’s leading platform and pipeline for great ideas, storytelling, creativity and actionable innovation. In addition to this, our goal is to foster a sense of community amongst the people and organizations who have gathered (and continue to gather) around this event and to provide a cultural driving force for conversation and action on how to create a sustainable society.

This event will be streamed live on the Internet – through a link on YouTube. During this event several speakers will share their background experience in the field of technology, education and design. With each speaker we are looking into triple helix collaborations to anchor their knowledge and expertise in the local (business) community.

Preceeding – and during the live-viewing events we will post information about Aruba which might be of interest to entrepreneurs & startups, established companies & organizations, as well as investors.

Reina Beatrix International Aruba – Innovation

Reina Beatrix International Airport – Learn more about the facts & figures of one of the most successful airports in the Caribbean.

Aruba Happy Flow – Aruba’s airport Electronic Border Control project. The first of its kind worldwide. Click Download the informational PDF.

In this brochure you will find an overview of the benefits of the Free Zone, how to set up a company as well as other relevant information regarding Gateway Aruba. Download the PDF Brochure.