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What if..’ is an open question that challenges and provokes to radically shake-up the status quo within the spectrum of Tech, Education and Design, thereby enabling the development of actions worth doing and ideas worth spreading. These are very exiting topics and our speakers will be providing such visions, actions and ideas during TEDxAruba 2016.

TEDxARUBA PROGRAM – September 23rd 2016 @ Cas di Cultura

Time Contents
9:00am Opening TEDxAruba 2016
9:30am Sarah-Quita OffringaWhat if it takes a village to make a Sarah-Quita?
9:50am Arthur WoodsWhat if we all had superpowers?
10.10am Andrea SandersWhat if we refuse trash?
10:30am Musical Performance by Levi Silvanie
10.50am Christo NelWhat if power, anxiety and love are the key to leadership?
11:10am Andy KirchnerLife after death. What if …?
11:30am Brian HeatherWhat if building sustainably had a dark side?
11:50am Lunch Break (1hr 40 mins)
13:30pm Musical Performance by Levi Silvanie
13:40pm Maurice de HondWhat if we educate our children for the future and not the past?
14:00pm Indra ZaandamWhat if we put culture first?
14:20pm Susan PiverWhat if you could change the world by doing nothing?
15:00pm Closing
15:15pm Networking Event @ Cas di Cultura

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12+ Embassies Hosting Live Viewing Parties

TEDxAruba will be watched live via Youtube from locations all around the world. Dutch embassies, universities and chambers of commerce in the region and innovation managers of the OCTA Territories will be organizing Live Viewing Parties for their local networks. The European Union and ‘Arubahuis’ in the Netherlands will also be tuning-in with a mix-audience of students and members of the business community.

1 TEDxAruba App To Connect Them All

Connect with fellow TEDxAruba attendees, speakers and internet viewers worldwide through the TEDxAruba app. Download the app, and use the networking feature, and connect with other users before -, during – and after the event. Search, chat, message and do business through the TEDxAruba app.


VENUE – Cas di Cultura Theatre and Cultural Center

Cas di Cultura new Logo 2015Cas di Cultura, Aruba’s theater and cultural center has been providing the Aruban community with the chance to practice and perform their art since 1958. Through its 57 years of existence many generations have developed their artistry using its facilities and hundreds of thousands have enjoyed the performing arts and other cultural expressions. Stichting Schouwburg Aruba, a non-profit foundation, owns and manages Cas di Cultura and has worked hard to ensure the proper maintenance of the building for its good use by the Aruban cultural life.

Currently Cas di Cultura is having a National Fundraising Campaign “Nos Teatro Transformando” (Our Theater in Transformation) of which the first step was our new logo launch. The campaign will last till October 24th, 2015 and its mission is to raise funds to help finance its new architectural Master Plan, entailing renovation, repurposing and expansion of this monumental building. Not only is the venue in dire need of renovations but our goal is to attain a higher quality as well, to be able to offer the Aruban community, artistically, culturally and generally, a better more efficient cultural facility, with great service as well. Being the only proscenium theater in the Dutch Caribbean it is a true treasure to preserve. It is a crucial platform to keep Arts and Culture alive in our community.

Cas di Cultura in 1960, then known as ‘Cultureel Centrum’ before they gave it a name in Papiamento.