TASTE OF TEDxARUBA – business networking event- Sept. 10th, 2015 @ Alhambra Ballroom

PAST MINI-EVENT: TASTE OF TEDxARUBA – Sept 10th, 2015 @Alhambra Ballroom

PAST MINI-EVENT: TEDxAruba Presentation – Sept 9th, 2015 @ University of Aruba

Get informed. Get Inspired. Win FREE tickets.

University of Aruba is hosting a TEDxAruba presentation today (Wednesday Sept. 9th)

Time: 1pm – 2pm
Location: University of Aruba @ the Aula.
FREE Event. OPEN to the public, anybody is free to attend.

Come learn about TEDxAruba:
What is TEDx? Why do we need a TEDxAruba event? What are the merits? What does it mean for Aruba? What does it mean for You?

The presentation will be given by Marlon Kock, which means it will be very entertaining and worth your time.

We will give away 2 FREE TICKETS to TEDxAruba among audience members sponsored by Towerswatson and TNO.
Don’t miss it.


Looking at the the vision of Aruba to create a sustainable society, we see a very important role to focus more on Startups; (young) professionals who think out of the box and look for solutions for challenges we are all facing today.
Startups are a very important development for Aruba. Younger generation on the island now have the opportunity to start their own company and use their creative minds to propel Aruba – with the right guidance – towards a sustainable society.

Aruba can also become a very interesting destination for international Startups to establish their headquarters and use Aruba as a hub between Latin America and Europe. Aruba has a perfect geographic location with excellent international flight connections and a very good internet network with high standards of services.

Startups can also advise and find solutions for challenges local companies are facing the areas of research & development and/or marketing & PR. Startups are also very important catalysts to diversify the economy and create a sustainable society.

The central aim of the Bureau of Innovation – together with local and international stakeholders – is to create a Startup community, here in Aruba.

On the road to TEDxAruba 2015, a series of mini-event name ‘Inspiring Sessions’ will take place to stimulate and inspire young entrepreneurs, young professionals, students and people in the business community. Although the TEDxAruba event itself has a much broader scope with regards to creating a sustainable society, Inpiring Session – with its specific focus on Startups – fits perfectly with the bigger picture of TEDxAruba.

TED is short for Tech, Entertainment and Design, but for TEDxAruba we changed that to Tech, Education and Design, because we see a very important role for Education in the development of a sustainable society. Come September 23rd, TEDxAruba will feature some great minds (both local and international) who will share their idea’s, concepts and experiences on a world stage.


On August 1st & 2nd, 2015, we organized the first Caribbean Beach Hackathon. This was done in conjunction with the Love Festival, organized by the I Love Aruba team. The Hackathon featured 5 groups of (3 to 5) people – from different background– who were tasked to work on an issue or a challenge facing society, in a total of 48 hours. At the end of 48 hours each team had to present their solutions to a jury. The winners got round trip tickets with Insel Air and three months of professional guidance by Arnaud Collery to bring their startup to life.


Winners Inspiring Sessions Beach Hackathon 2015: Team ‘IAmAruba’ with product ‘BanYuda’ – a social search platform for skills and volunteers.

Facebook link: BanYuda facebook page


What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event where a group of (3 to 5) people – of different disciplines – come together for a period of 48 hours to work on an issue or challenge that is facing society.  This includes geeks, nerds, idealists, creative people, marketers, housewives, anybody with a drive and an entrepreneurial spirit. At the end of 48 hours teams will present their solutions / prototypes / concepts to a jury. The winners get roundtrip tickets with Insel Air! In addition, the best group will receive three months of professional guidance to bring their startup to life.

What is a Happiness hackathon?

During this Hackathon we will focus on Happiness. The slogan of Aruba, ‘One Happy Island’ fit perfectly with the theme!

Bring it back to the essence of everyday life. For example; happiness at work, at school, in your neighborhood, your sports club or Aruba itself and challenges we face as a country. The one who can tell you all about it the topic of Happiness and is very experienced in organizing Happiness hackathons is Arnaud Collery. Arnaud will facilitate this Hackathon and teach us all the ins and outs of Happiness and hackathons. Watch the press video conference given on the Happiness Hackathon. https://youtu.be/9LCc0Rgq3sk

Why a Hackathon on the Beach?

The Hackathon is organized in collaboration with the Love Festival at the Fishermans hut. On the grounds (far enough from the stage) we will setup a big tent (especial for the hackathon) where each group  can work on their product “Caribbean style” . Are you tired and just want to let off steam or just want to recharge your energy, you can stroll by the music field or take a dip in the sea.

Who can participate?

Yes, a hackathon is for anyone who likes to think out of the box, to seek to create new developments or a solution to a challenge from his or her expertise to create something together. It’s NOT only for programmers, IT professionals, marketers, designers, creative people and for instance concept developers. Anybody can participate!

How can I register?

You can register with a group or as an individual. If you register a group, we advise to have at least one person who has affinity with Information Technology. When you register an individual, you will be matched with a multidisciplinary group.

What does it cost?

Afl 50, – for two days, including food and drink, access to the festival, opportunity to brainstorm with mentors, opportunity to network with people, the experience of participating in a hackathon, the possibility of winning tickets from Insel Air and winning three months and professional guidance to bring your own startup to life!

Who is organizing this?

This hackathon fits within the ‘Inspiring Sessions’ mini-events on the road to TEDxAruba, and is the second Inspiring Sessions to date. During the first Inspiring Session we focused on startups; specifically what are they and why are they important for Aruba – diversification of the economy, preventing the brain-drain of young people, the further completion of the hub-role Aruba can play between Latin America and the region and Europe, and to encourage existing organizations to find sustainable solutions to challenges facing society for Aruba.

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Winners and Prizes

The participants of the winning team will receive a round-trip ticket to one of the three selected InselAir operated destinations. InselAir Aruba is one of the proud sponsors of TEDxAruba and shares and supports the vision to develop a sustainable society. The winners will also receive a 3-month professional guidance to support and help them develop their product and start their own Startup!

ARNAUD COLLERY – facilitator of the Beach Hackathon


Award winning filmmaker and comedian, born and raised in Paris, France, Mr. Arnaud Collery is the Founder, Program Director and Principal Consultant at Kikai Mining. His official position: Chief Happiness Officer! Kikai Mining is a Happiness Agency, located in New York and their goal is to create happiness in any way, shape or form for organizations or individuals.

“Happiness is in on the verge of a new revolution as big as the industrial revolution”

Mr. Collery is a passionate artist, cultural explorer and entrepreneur. Innovating,creating and exploring has been his lifestyle, the way he has done business or artistic endeavors or the way business came to him. He needs to create, communicate every day and every few weeks to explore a new country, field, language, tech, psychology/film techniques. When he does not create, his favorite thing is to help others come up with innovative solutions to problems.

With this background, Mr. Collery will be facilitating the Beach Hackathon upcoming August 1st and 2nd in Aruba.



On June 24th 2015, founders of 3Sixtyfive, John Meulemans and Paulo Martorino facilitated an Inspiring Session which brought together an interesting group of entrepreneurs, young professionals, government representatives, consultants and university students to think outside the box. Our very own Marlon Kock (IT Manager, Bureau of Innovation) closed out the presentation-segment with a very interesting presentation about an alternative currency named”Bitcoin”, that kept the audience talking – and asking questions about it all night.

The focus on Startups offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities for diversification of our economy / It was very interesting to see how the participants worked together in the brainstorm session. The seed to develop an Ecosystem and Startup Community in Aruba has been planted! The commitment expressed with this group of participants was that a digital platform will be developed where this Ecosystem and Startup Community can collaborate and Startups can develop products and services.