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Sarah-Quita Offringa

Word Champion Windsurfer
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Christo Nel

Lifelong entrepreneur, leader, pioneer.
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Andrea Sanders

Zero-waste Girl. Advocate. Circular Economy.
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Andy Kirchner

2nd Life. Recycle Pirate.
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Arthur Woods

Google Schools. Future of Work.
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Brian Heather

Sustainable Architecture
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Indra Zaandam

Policy Advisor. Culture First.
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Maurice de Hond

Entrepeneur. Innovative Schools.
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Susan Piver

Best Selling Author. Open Heart Project.
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Kevin Gumbs

Dance Performer
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Levi Silvanie

Musical Performance
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Diego Acevedo

Master of Ceremony
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Sarah-Quita is a professional windsurfer from Aruba. In 2011 following back to back 2010/2011 PWA Women’s Freestyle World Championship titles wins together with winning the 2011 PWA Slalom World Championship she was nominated by the International Sailing Federation for the ISAF World Sailor of the Year Awards.

Christo is a lifelong entrepreneur, change leader and pioneer who runs his own consulting firm. Creating sustainable change, sustainable organisations, and sustainable communities is so stunningly difficult. Christo Nel identifies three forces that are present in all success stories: the forces of anxiety, power and love.

Opening Act Dance Performance

Opening Act Dance Performer

Kevin Gumbs is one of the most rapidly growing names on the Island of Aruba. His creativity and unique take on choreography has earned him a spot as an international dancer and choreographer. Currently, Kevin is a dance teacher at several dance schools on the island of Aruba. He choreographed 44 pieces and presented 4 grand shows in Cas di Cultura Aruba. Kevin attended the Utrechtse Dance academy in the Netherlands and graduated in 2013 as an advanced professional dancer. Kevin will be finalzing his bachelor degree next summer at the University of the Arts Amsterdam as a professional dancer, educator and choreographer.

His credits include choreographing for Arnhem Open Performance, Kunstbende, Amsterdam fashion week, back up dancer HIS&HERS, Sanne & Ine Agency, Euro Pride.


Andrea Sanders lives in Boulder, Colorado and is the director and founder of Be Zero, a non-profit focused on inspiring, educating, and activating individuals to rethink their plastic and trash footprint and to create simple and sustainable lifestyle habits. Learn more about Andrea and her zero waste mission at www.bezero.org. She shares daily zero waste inspiration on Instagram @BeZeroWasteGirl

Andrea created Be Zero to share this message and to take a whole-lifestyle approach with educational programs to engage individuals, families, and communities to rethink consumer and lifestyle habits and to activate personal power in the face of environmental change. We currently live in a linear-based economy. This means that our materials and goods are designed from the very beginning to be be disposed of – and often disposed of quickly after a single use. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. What if we could dramatically disrupt the amount of trash and plastic our communities generate, regardless of where we live? This talk will focus on simple ways to start pushing a circular-based economy (zero-waste lifestyle) in favor of the linear model we currently employ. Read more? Download Andrea’s Bio.

site-andykirchnerOn May 19th 2012, Andy Kirchner had a scuba diving accident at Marie Pompoen, Curaçao – a spinal injury left him paralyzed from the waist down. Andy would not accept the neurologist’s prognosis that he would not walk again. He said, “I did not survive to live as a handicapped”. with no social structure to help him, coupled with a lot of financial and emotional stress on the family, in October 2012 Andy took matters in his own hands.

By learning about his disabilities he started to develop his abilities. Growing every day stronger doing yoga exercises, and reading when he needed to rest to increase his knowledge. Beating adversity standing up from his wheelchair, to walking with two crutches and eventually even walking without cane.

Life continued and so did Andy’s development. As he became stronger, he was appointed commissioner for the national sports development foundation (FDDK) to advocate for handicapped (sport) rights. Meanwhile he started his business 2ndLife Curaçao which whom he won the JCI IOBA Aspiring Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in July 2015.

Now Andy Kirchner is the Managing Director of his own founded Buccaneer’s enterprises B.V. (Ltd) which is the umbrella company for 2ndLife Curaçao and The Recycled Pirate. Andy gives workshops about life awareness, consults in social media strategies and creates functional art from recycled materials.

Musical Performance by Levi Silvanie

LEVI SILVANIE – Sunshine Soul from Curaçao
main performer – entertainment part

Levi Silvanie (pron.: /layˈvee/; born on November 7, 1987) is a Curaçaoan singer-songwriter. In 2010, he made his debut to the music scene by releasing his first single “Bek.” Since then, he released three singles and an EP, which contained the hit track “Djis Mi Mes” (Simply Me).

After performing at the second annual Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival in 2011, Levi achieved commercial success. He is also known for his ‘living room concerts.’ With lyrics written in English and Papiamentu; the native language of his birthplace Curaçao, Levi displays soothing playful vocal skills and afro-latin grooves, mixed with popular music. They call him “the singer-songwriter of sunshine soul.”

Serghio Jansen
World-class musician, music educator, composer, and graduate of the Berklee College of Music.

LAfter graduating Serghio moved to New York City where he played at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club, performed with multiple artists, and toured in the US. According to Bass Musician online magazine, “Serghio Jansen masters the art of epic guitar solos.”

Serghio is a virtuoso guitarist. His solos are electrifying and totally unpredictable, going into directions you do not expect while adding color and deep emotional turns. His guitar playing reflects a high technical mastery of his instrument. Not wanting to be boxed into genres of music, he considers all genres as his playground. At TEDxAruba, Serghio will play with Levi Silvanie and together bring their distinct sound to the Cas di Cultura.

ARTHUR WOODS    What if There Really Were Superheroes?

arthurwoodssiteArthur Woods (@ArthurWoods) is an entrepreneur, writer, global speaker and advisor to leading brands on the future of work. He is the Co-founder of Imperative, a company leading the research and innovation on purpose in the workplace. Arthur previously worked at Google where led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools. Arthur co-founded the Compass Fellowship, the largest collegiate social enterprise training program and Out in Tech, the leading global LGBTQ technology community.  Arthur studied Operations and information Management at Georgetown University and Project Management at Stanford University.  He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a New York Venture Fellow He is a two-times TEDx speaker and he has been featured in FastCompany, Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, Washington Post and ABC. He now sits on the Boards of the Georgetown Technology Alliance, Compass Partners and Out in Tech.


Website-Frame-TEDxAruba-SpeakersBrian is founder of SolTerra. His passion is to build stronger urban communities by creating sustainable, healthy buildings that bring elements from nature into our built environment. Brian created VeraWall™, a patented living wall system that is used to integrate plants and vegetation into the interior and exterior built environment. In 2013 he delivered a TEDx talk on the “The Importance of Reconnecting Our Cities to Nature.”

In 2016, the United States Green Building Council awarded SolTerra “Project of the Year” for a mixed use building it designed, developed and constructed in Portland, OR. Brian’s firm is currently working on the design, development, and construction of 1,000 living units in the Pacific Northwest and operates one of the largest solar installation companies in Washington State.
Download Brian’s full Bio here.


Website-Frame-TEDxAruba-SpeakersIndra Zaandam is a culture enthusiast and advisor to the Ministry of Culture of Aruba. She holds various board positions within the creative sector in Aruba and is a firm believer in culture as the driving force for change. Indra previously worked as a policy advisor at Aruba’s national park ‘Parke Arikok’.

Her journey so far has led her to believe that there is an enormous room for growth regarding cultural awareness in Aruba. She holds a bachelors degree in Biomedical Sciences and a masters degree in Management, Policy and Entrepreneurship, both obtained from the VU University in Amsterdam. She is passionate about bridging the gap between the public and private sector by building bridges that add value to local communities.

Master of Ceremony: Diego Acevedo

DIEGO ACEVEDO will be hosting TEDxAruba 2016

Diego Acevedo is co-founder of Bluerise, a ‘B-corporation’ based in the Netherlands working on Ocean Thermal Energy Technologies. Diego has focused on the opportunities that innovative island energy solutions can give to the world extending beyond electricity and into water and food solutions. He currently resides in Aruba, an island in the Caribbean spearheading the transition to a full sustainability. Diego has lived and held different engineering, strategy and management positions in several countries including Colombia, the US, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Diego holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineer (magna cum laude) from the University of Florida and a MSc degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies from the TU Delft. He was selected as part of the Tallberg Foundation’s Pathfinder program in 2012; he is a Kairos Society Global Fellow since 2011.


Website-Frame-TEDxAruba-SpeakersHe is a Dutch pollster and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Steve JobsSchool, an elementary school which gives each student an iPad to encourage individualized learning. The first elementary schools who worked with this approach started with a worldwide media coverage in august 2013. Currently more than 30 schools in the Netherlands work with this concept with remarkable results (www.stevejobsschool.world). In the coming 12 months several schools in other countries will start with this concept too. Tech Insider has chosen this school as 1 of the 13 most innovative schools of the world.

As of 2016, 35 public schools in the Netherlands adopted the school model. Two Steve JobsSchools opened in South Africa in 2016. Read more? Download Maurice’s Bio.


TEDxAruba - Susan PiverSusan is the New York Times best selling author of nine books on mindfulness, communication, and relationships.  Named by Mashable as “One of the 25 Most Inspiring People on Twitter,” she has been featured on Oprah, CNN, the TODAY Show, and in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, Money, and Parade. She is a graduate of a Buddhist seminary and has been a meditation practitioner for more than 20 years. Susan founded the Open Heart Project, an online mindfulness community with close to 20,000 members around the world.