TEDxAruba speaker Maurice de Hond; “the individual talent of each student is central at the Steve Jobs schools”

Maurice de Hond will elaborate on these schools during his TEDtalk

The well-known entrepreneur from the Netherlands Maurice de Hond arrived in Aruba to speak at TEDxAruba. The focus of his TEDx-talk will be the Steve Jobs school project. This project is based on 04NT, a concept developed by de Hond. 04NT stands for Onderwijs voor een Nieuwe Tijd, which is Dutch for Education for a New Time or rather for the future. De Hond aims to develop some of these schools here in Aruba. Currently, more than 30 schools in the Netherlands work with this concept with remarkable results. Ex-Minister Richard Visser is the person of contact for Maurice de Hond during his stay in Aruba.

Upon his arrival de Hond shared that this is not his first time visiting Aruba. He has traveled to our island a couple of times for vacation. Six months ago however, he visited Aruba on a different occasion. He was on the island to speak to the director of the University of Aruba mr. Glenn Thode, to explain his project and plans to introduce the Steve Jobs school in Aruba. De Hond: “The school is called Steve Jobs School because the focus of the school is on the future, making significant use of technology. Steve Jobs had already passed away by the time I was working on this concept. As a homage to a person who has meant so much to the world I named the schools after him.” De Hond also explained that the school system does not categorize students according to their age nor does it adopt a ‘one size fits all’ system, but rather evaluates the individual on his or her own level. “Based on their own talents, each child is treated in a manner aimed at further developing themselves to their maximum potential preparing them for the future. The schools today are the same as they were 30 or 40 years ago. The children are being prepared for 1990, while they should be prepared for 2030.”

Maurice de Hond feels that with the internet and the world becoming much smaller because of it, schools are no longer interesting for the children of today. We must create challenges to keep the youth engaged and motivated. De Hond shared that he will give a two-hour lecture to future teachers at the Pedagogical Institute of Aruba (IPA), where he will explain his concept and share the experiences and development of current Steve Jobs Schools students. When asked which students are eligible to attend a Steve Jobs school, de Hond said that in essence the school welcomes every child. “The school is for children who are highly advanced as well as those who are experiencing setbacks. Because the system is focused on the individual student, the school offers attention and proper guidance to children who are dyslectic, those who experience difficulties studying and those with behavioral issues. It is unfortunate that children are not receiving this care at regular schools because it is not necessary for a child to miss out on an opportunity where his or her talent can be discovered, developed and shaped for the future.”

TEDxAruba starts this Friday. The vision of the current government attracts renowned institutes to Aruba to broaden the economy of knowledge. The economy of knowledge is the future and that is where all the focus should be. More on Maurice and the Steve Jobs School, click here.

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