LED-Sneaker project, a collaboration with TEDxAruba speaker Sir Edward Cheung

In 2016, TEDxAruba Foundation and Sir Edward Cheung will be collaborating on a cool wearable technology project for a select group of younger students. The project entails wiring electronics – and gluing strips of LED lights onto sneakers (or shoes) in order to ‘pimp’ the shoes with programmable LED lights. It’s like those light-up shoes that you had when you were a kid — the ones that blink and flash, activated by the pressure of your tread — but 200 percent cooler.

The central goal of the project is to teach kids new skills such as; computer programming and building with electronics. What better way to introduce younger students to these new concepts than combining it with something cool they can wear and display.

The project is set to begin next year February and initially an estimated 15-20 students will be able to participate. TEDxAruba speaker Sir Edward Cheung – Chief Engineer at NASA and a wearable technology enthusiast himself – will be guiding this project along with two of TEDxAruba Foundation’s own staff-member engineers Dagmara Avanindra (Electrical Engineering background) and Marlon Kock (Computer Science background and Lead Web Developer at TEDxAruba). It’s a small-sized pilot project, which is bound to be repeated when successful, allowing more students to participate. These students will be randomly selected from various schools and must be between ages 9 and 17.

The project will consist of three Saturday sessions; one introduction session, another session focusing on wiring the electronics into the sneakers and gluing the LED light strips onto the sneaker, and a final session where students are taught how to program the chip sets that power the LED light – making the light-up as they walk, moving in different patterns, etc.

For the real nerds out there who are interested in learning more about what we will building, visit the following website for more details: https://learn.adafruit.com/firewalker-led-sneakers

We are very excited to work on this project for kids. It will undoubtedly be a learning opportunity for everyone involved. It is the first project of TEDxAruba Foundation, where a TEDxAruba speakers will direcly contribute in teaching new skills to a group of Aruban younger students, arguably the next generation of TEDxAruba speakers.

For more information, please contact Marlon Kock through the contact form on this website.
We will provide more updates about the project as they become available. Stay tuned!

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