Fingerprint Life Presents “Global Purpose Day: A Space for Purpose”

When Vanessa Benlolo emerged from Tedx Aruba to give her talk, “Livestreaming Is Collective,” what she witnessed catalyzed the launch of her social entrepreneurship venture — FingerPrint Life. During the Tedx Aruba sessions she was continually struck by the dynamic and innovative speakers and their insights into human psychology, sustainability, technology, and economics. From the work of Arnaud Collery on happiness, Joseph Simcox and the agricultural revolution, Maite Hontele on following your passion, Rachel Brathen’s reflections on social media, and Varelie Croes — thought leader with perspectives on the new economy. What surfaced from all the talks, backstage conversations and interactions with her Tedx colleagues was an underlying essential theme: purpose had been the crucial element in the transformation arcs showcased that week on the Tedx stage.

Later, in a conversation with Arda Zakarian at the event — close friend and reporter who covers Tedx events in Toronto — Arda noted in relation to the stage art-work, and the music that Tedx Aruba was more than an evening of talks, it was an “experience”. Something clicked. Vanessa was in the midst of finishing a Purpose Guide certification when Brandon Peele — leader of the program — asked her to consider creating a Tedx event centered around the theme of Purpose. The idea seemed good but there were logistical hurdles, however, within a week she connected with fellow Purpose Guide colleague Oscar Medina, who was working on producing an event around Purpose, and a dialogue was sparked. A kinship was soon formed around an alignment in vision and values and FingerPrint Life was born.

FingerPrint Life is now an event curation and creative consulting agency that leads people to discover and embody their purpose through events, inspired by Tedx Aruba — with a multi-imaginal approach to the event experience. It is a project that re-envisions the limits of self-awareness and growth possibilities that can be experienced in an immersive group setting. FingerPrint Life takes a whole systems approach to Purpose, by integrating the expressive arts, mindfulness, nature, technology and community in conjunction with innovative speaker talks to deliver more than an intellectual experience — they are designed to transform the participant at a deep level of embodiment.

On January 29th, Fingerprint Life will present, “Global Purpose Day: A Space for Purpose”, to celebrate the first annual day for Purpose, and the launch of the 21 Day Purpose Challenge — a free online purpose discovery and community platform. The event is an immersive, multi-dimensional journey that follows the process of purpose as it unfolds in three distinct phases: discovery, embodiment, and legacy. Brandon Peele, founder of, will provide tools in the process of purpose discovery — Gino Pastori-Ng, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Youth Impact Hub, will be modeling the embodiment of purpose, and Day Schildkret — artist and Purpose Guide will lead you through purpose as legacy. The event will be Livestreamed so that people from all around the globe can witness and participate in the transformation — as it’s happening. There will be riveting talks, interactive workshops, and a panel discussion along with a gallery of impermanent art pieces, live music, and expressive movement. It will be a magical night to celebrate the inauguration of the 1st annual Global Purpose Day — and a unique experience for the emergent discovery and the re-imagining of our lives.

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