Government of Aruba and THNK seek to establish a sustained working relationship

THNK’s mission is twofold: “We accelerate the development of creative leaders across corporate, private, public, and social sectors from all over the world”. “Together we create innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing and inspiring challenges”.


THNK stands for creativity, business model innovation, and entrepreneurship with social impact. While a ‘B-School’ professionalizes management and a ‘D-School’ does the same for product design, THNK is a ‘C-School’ that applies creativity and Innovation for positive change on a large scale.

THNK was founded as a joint initiative by business and creative sectors, in cooperation with the Dutch Prime Minister and the Dutch Innovation Platform. In 2010, THNK was officially established in Amsterdam, North Holland, with significant support from its launching partners, McKinsey & Company, Droog Design, Vodafone, Stanford D-school, and Philips Design.

At the end of 2014, THNK opened its first international locations in Vancouver and Lisbon, and is now pursuing expansions in Aruba, Shanghai and the Middle East. Every THNK location offers challenge topics and leadership programs relevant to its city and region.

Recently THNK has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Aruba (GOA) on September 23rd 2015 during the first TEDx event in Aruba.
Together with the Bureau of Innovation, that operates under the supervision of the Prime Minister of Aruba, THNK will provide cutting edge training programs for the development of creative leaders and entrepreneurs on the island with specific focus to grow the prosperity of Aruba through innovation.

The development of creative leaders and entrepreneurs will be accelerated by providing high level innovation tools and techniques in a format of “Learning by Doing”. The focus of THNK’s activities will be on business model innovation through in-company “corporate innovation programs” with a societal impact that will take the Aruban community to the next level and make Aruba function as a Knowledge Hub for Innovation and Creativity for the region.

THNK believes in Knowledge Sharing, Networking and building a Learning Community of “THNK-ers” that can serve as a “THNK-Tank” for the development of Aruba as an Innovation Hub.
Ultimately this belief and approach will lead to rejuvenation and growth of the economy by supporting innovative start-ups to flourish.
Both the Government of Aruba as THNK will seek to establish a sustained working relationship with the University of Aruba supporting the development of the Innovation capabilities and Lifelong Learning programs of the University and in this way enriching the educational field in Aruba. Therefore the rector of the University of Aruba, dr.Glenn Thode, co-signed the MOU together with the Prime Minister of Aruba and the co-founders of THNK, mr. Juan Claudio Pages and mr. Roy Mezas.


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