Accenda supports the “Green Faculty” on Aruba

Sustainability is one of the focus areas of Aruba. Electric driving as well as develop and secure technical knowledge are some of the key notes for achieving this. Accenda has the knowledge and the experience to make electric driving cheaper and more achievable for Aruba in general. This is only sustainable if education on Aruba allows students to experience the right knowledge and the right practical projects locally. Accenda works closely together with the Technical University of Delft, The Hague University and “ROC Mondriaan”. Accenda has developed Technical education modules, teaches them and involves all mentioned education levels in pr ojects; learning by doing.

One of the projects of Accenda is the Ekolectric; a standardised module to change a fossil fuel car into full electric within only a couple of days. Now people have the opportunity to choose for electric driving. Over hundred and twenty students were already involved in the development of the Ekolectric; simulation, development, engineering, programming, building, testing. This is what Accenda wants to share with Aruba and wherefore the University of Aruba is also going to work together with Accenda for setting up the Green Faculty as technical faculty of the University.

Other projects concern for instance; health technology, smart sensors and smart systems. For starting this, Accenda will sign a MOU during the TedX event on the 23rd of September. This MOU intend the following:

  • Accenda, the UA and the GOA will work together to setup multidisciplinary, sustainable and practical technical education. Also known as Mechatronics; Mechanical, Electrical and IT combined in one study.

The electric car (Ekolectric) does have a central role in this. Key partners from the Netherlands are: TNO, The Hague University and “ROC Mondriaan”. The coming period parties will sit together for coming to operational agreements for really achieving mentioned goals.

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