Silent Auction of Green Chairs during TEDxAruba 2015

Bureau of Innovation, together with The Academy of Fine Arts and Design hosted a school competition among all secondary schools for the school year 2014/2015. Striving for sustainability and the development thereof within our future generations, we organized a fun and innovative contest with the theme “Sustainable Chair Competition”. Students together with their art teachers, designed and built a chair composed of almost all recycled materials gathered from stores, junkyards and any other place locally.  We aimed, hereby, to inspire creativity for recycled art within our young teens.

There were 4 categories.

  • The Green Chair: won by San Augustin College in San Nicolas. Price sponsored by Kooyman
  • The Willie Wortel Chair:  won by Maria College in Playa. Price sponsored by De Wit & Van Dorp
  • The A Chair: won by San Augutin College in San Nicolas. Price Sponsored by ARVEFA
  • The Setar Chair:  Chair was won by Scol Practico di Ofishi in San Nicolas. Price sponsored by Setar.

The top 18 chairs, from the 64 chairs, were displayed around the Island for a month at

  • Kooyman Megastore,
  • Van Dorp, Dakota
  • Arvefa, Playa
  • Setar, Seroe Blanco
  • Cas di Cultura
  • Biblioteca Nacional, Oranjestad
  • Biblioteca Nacional, San Nicolas

A silent auction will be held on the 23rd o of September at the Innovation Lab of  TEDx Aruba.
All proceeds will go to a foundation that will be announced on the day of the event.


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